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My name is Susanna, it might seem strange that a woman has a passion for stamp collecting but actually it is not coincidental. I’ve always been around stamps, as a child I helped my father make bundles and clean used stamps and this is how I started my own small collection, never having the feeling stamps were only simple, beautiful cards but with the awareness that I was collecting something very precious.
My father, Ugo Messeri, was always very passionate about stamps, so much so that he turned his favorite hobby into a profession. At the beginning of the 1980s, he established “Me-fil”, a business that starter dealing not only with stamps from the Italian area (the Kingdom, the Republic, the Vatican, and San Marino), but also with stamps from all over the world.
It specialized in buying and selling postal stationery, so our assortment is at present very wide and interesting. I can proudly say that my father always distinguished himself for his fairness, clearness during the transactions, his expertise, and his refinement, today perhaps a little out of fashion but the inheritance I am most proud of having deserved from him. My father passed away a short while ago and continuing his much beloved work is a way of feeling closer to him, although it is no easy task since this job is tailored to our own personality and in some way I find myself starting from scratch. We have always dealt exclusively with stamps of undisputed quality, favoring their freshness and integrity, in order to ensure that our customers make valuable investments and do not end up having low-quality and tampered-with scrap paper.
Each stamp is like an individual, it is unique and, that which makes all the difference is a beautiful item, perfectly centered, with fresh gum or, if used, neatly stamped. We have a wide range of stamps from the Italian Kingdom and its Colonies, the Italian Republic, San Marino, the Vatican, and from all over the world; we have batches at very competitive prices, philatelic material, also used in pristine condition and at a very low price; we also have rare stamps of the Ancient Italian States as well as key series of European Nations. Moreover, we have a catalogue of postal stationery from the Italian Kingdom, the Republic, San Marino, and the Vatican, new as well as used. Those who wish to receive a personalized quote can contact us via email enclosing a list of requested stamps or indicating what they are interested in.
I always reply promptly to all inquiries.
Susanna Messeri

"Sig. Ugo Messeri
former member
of Council as
Accounts' auditor."
Associazione Commercianti
Filatelici Toscani

"Sig. Ugo Messeri, former President."


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